Who is the most killed in Marvel Comics?

Who is the most killed in Marvel Comics?

1 JEAN GREY – INNUMERABLE TIMES. Without a doubt, Jean Grey is the character most prone to dying in Marvel Comics’ illustrious history. Jean’s original death and resurrection at the end of the classic ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’ story was a life-changing moment for many comics fans.

Do DC Comics characters ever die?

Throughout the long history of DC Comics, characters have died (and continue to die) – though many of those characters get a chance to come back, drastically altered by their death, or near-death, experiences. In comic books, no character is really safe.

Which DC Comics characters have been the most violent?

When it comes to brutality, Injustice: Gods Among Us probably contains the most violence of any DC Comics title. After all, that’s what happens when you pit superhero against superhero. But Superman is especially violent in that series, and is responsible for the deaths of several characters.

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What are the most significant deaths in comics history?

This will long be remembered as one of the most significant and somber deaths in comics history. Indeed, the end of Supergirl sent shock-waves through the comic book world of 1985. After all, Kara was of the same flesh and blood as Superman. Her death dealt a serious blow to his life.

How many times has Iron Man died in Marvel Comics?

Ouch. Iron Man has died five times in Marvel comics history, but has also come really close to death on a few other occasions (such as when Captain Marvel blasted him into a coma in Civil War II or when he became braindead after deleting his own memories, before reformatting himself with a backup of his own brain).

What is the history of Marvel Comics?

Marvel has refined the comic book genre and has gone on to create some of the greatest stories in the business. From small beginnings of a pulp magazine producer to the entertainment monolith of today, lets take a look at the history of Marvel Comics and their affect on the world.

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What are the best Marvel Comics of the last 20 years?

Civil War, by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, is one of the best Marvel stories of the last twenty years. After a disaster caused by a battle between the New Warriors and a group of villains, the government cracks down on superheroes, with the heroes taking sides for and against the government’s regulations.